Motorola PMLN6129A 2 Wire Surveillance Piece

Motorola has long been known for making outstanding surveillance pieces.  The PMLN6129A is just another notch in their belt giving them the leading edge.  Along came Command Tac who has decided to out do the Motorola Original with its own version of the PMLN6129A.   It is known as the CTLN6129A.  It comes in at around half the cost of the Motorola Original, we don’t expect that to last long.  As the demand goes up for the Command Tack PMLN6129A you are most likely going to see the price rise also.  The nice thing about this surveillance piece is it has its own PTT with a direct connect to your radio.  This makes the use of a speaker mic obsolete.  It also comes with a clear coiled ear tube which can be worn discretely if you would like.  As with all Command Tac products you are going to see their quality meets or exceeds the Motorola OEM versions.  This is going to create real competition in the market.

Motorola NNTN4497 Battery for the CP150, CP200 and CP200D Radios

The Motorola NNTN4497 is the favorite battery used by owners of the CP150, CP200 and CP200D Radio owners.  The original NNTN4497 has been revised over the years yielding new part numbers for each new improvement.  The original battery was called the NNTN4497AR which was 1800 mAh, then came the NNTN4497AR which featured 1950 mAh.  The newest version is the NNTN4497CR Battery which comes with a whopping 2190 mAh.  But if you want even more talk time you can find the replacement battery for your CP150 Radio or your CP200 Radio or CP200 Radio you could choose the Command Tac heavy duty battery which carries an astonishing 2500 mAh.  All of these Batteries come with the standard 1 year warranty but for my money the Command Tac is by far the best buy.  The CP200D is the latest version of the CP200 Series Radios and the Command Tac will provide the longest talk time on the market.

Motorola NNTN7034B Battery

NNTN7034B Battery Replacement
NNTN7034B Replacement Battery

The Motorola NNTN7034B battery:  Also known as the NNTN7034 and NNTN7034A is a RUGGEDIZED Battery.  This battery is the long version battery which allows longer run times.  These come in a variety of Amperage depending on if you go with the Motorola Original or a replacement Battery.  The factory NNTN7034B comes with 4200 mAh while you can get replacement NNTN7034B batteries with 4600 mAh.  From our testing the replacement batteries save money and provide a long lasting battery without sacrificing quality.  Whether you by the Motorola Original or Replacement NNTN7034 battery you are getting quality, time tested batteries.  They are designed to fit the APX 6000 Radio, APX 6000 Li Radio, APX 6000 XE Radio, APX 7000 Radio, APX 8000 Radio, SRX 2200 Radio.

Streamlight SolarStream

Streamlight SolarStream

The Streamlight SolarStream is a vehicle charger that mounts on top of the patrol car. It delivers a low rate maintenance charge to the car battery during the day. It is a thin silicon, solar panel that helps to counterbalance the car battery drain from the computer system and other electronics when the car is shut off. It is designed to connect directly to the car’s battery. It will supply the vehicle with a 14 watt additional capacity. It produces up to 950 milliamps of current to the battery. It keeps a trickle charge in low sun and also in cloudy conditions. The Streamlight SolarStream, which has an adhesive back panel, is directly connected to the vehicle’s battery. It has been tested for wind resistance up to 120 mph. It minimizes the need to continuously jump start a car. Over time, it will pay for itself by eliminating dead batteries and extending the battery life. It comes with a fuse holder and a fuse that automatically shut off power from the solar panel if the cord gets impaired. Dimensions; Length: 40.88 in. (103.8 cm).  Width 13.07 in. (33.2 cm). It weighs 1.3 lbs. (0.6kg). The length of the cord is 20 feet (6 meters).

Streamlight Vulcan Series

Streamlight Vulcan Series

The Streamlight Vulcan Series offer a powerful light source in a compact size. They are rechargeable, durable and fully safety approved.

The Vulcan is a lightweight, durable lantern that produces a powerful beam. It is waterproof, and practically unbreakable with its strong ABS thermoplastic casing and rubberized impact bumpers. Its grip handle is comfortable with a rubberized cushion. The toggle switch gives the user easy access with or with out gloves. The quick release shoulder strap allows you to go hands-free. The battery can be recharged up to 500 times, the red and green LED’s indicate the charge status. Each full recharge provides a run time of 3.5 hours while delivering 150 lumens / 80,000 candela with an 8 watt halogen bulb. Available in bright yellow or international safety orange.

Vulcan Dual Filament System

The Vulcan Dual Filament System 8 watt safety bulb offers instant back-up beam. It provides 157 lumens / 70,000 candela, with a continuous run time of 3.25 hours per charge. The strap is very functional for hands-free operation. Features a grip handle that has rubberized cushion. It also has a quick release shoulder strap. It has a 3 position toggle switch for easy use with or with out gloves. Maintenance free 4.5 amp-hour sealed lead acid battery is rechargeable up to 500 times. This light has a rubberized impact frame and virtually indestructible case, and is also waterproof to 100 feet. It comes in international safety orange or bright yellow.

Vulcan Vehicle Mount System

The Vulcan Vehicle Mount System offers the same features as the standard system. In addition, it comes with a vehicle mountable 12V direct-wire charging rack.

Streamlight Waypoint Rechargeable

Streamlight Waypoint Rechargeable Flashlight

The Streamlight Waypoint Rechargeable Flashlight is perfect for camping, night fishing, going off-road, and at home. It is also the perfect light to have for unfortunate situations like break-downs/flat tires, etc. It is equipped with a cushioned pistol-grip, making it easy to grab and maneuver.

The Streamlight Waypoint Rechargeable Flashlight is compact, lightweight and has a very durable feel to it. The end of the light and its handle is rubberized, which adds more durability to it. It has great range and is extremely bright. It puts out an excellent beam for its size, and also gives a flood around the spot for great peripheral lighting. It has a trigger-style switch for quick and easy access. The Streamlight Waypoint has three level of brightness. You will find it plenty bright on level high for all your high powered spotlight needs. On high, it delivers 1,000 lumens / 115,000 candela peak beam intensity, with a beam distance of 2,224 feet and a run time of 3 hours. Medium level produces 550 lumens / 60,000 candela, with a beam distance of 1,607 feet and 6 hours of run time. Low setting is about as bright as a regular flashlight. It’s good for walking on a dark road. And also it doesn’t overpower (blinding) others if its being used around the house. Low setting delivers 35 lumens / 10,000 candela, beam distance of 656 feet and a run time of 80 hours. It is equipped with an adjustable lanyard, and a built-in stand for accurate on-scene lighting. Other features include C4 LED technology, and an indestructible polycarbonate lens. And the IPX8- rated design floats, and it’s waterproof up to 6 ft. It is powered by rechargeable lithium ion battery, and can fully recharge in 4 hours. Available in black or yellow.

Streamlight Survivor LED

Streamlight Survivor LED

The Streamlight Survivor LED is designed for firefighters/rescue workers, and also anyone else who finds themselves in a harsh worksite situation. It is very safe to use in and near hazardous and flammable gases, liquids, etc. It is a very bright, dependable and completely durable flashlight. It produces a very tight, narrow beam for penetrating thick smoke.

The Streamlight Survivor LED is equipped with a deep, smooth reflector for concentrating the beam into a small, bright central location. Also, there is enough light in the beam to see the surrounding location. This flashlight has 4 modes. The thick rubber push button on the top is easy to find blind, and also easy to use when wearing gloves. Press and let go for level high, press again and hold for low, press again and hold for flash. To get moonlight mode, simply turn the light on and then hold the switch down through the high, low and flash settings. After 5 to 8 seconds, it will go into moonlight mode. Level high produces 175 lumens / 36,000 candela, with a beam distance of 1,243 feet and a run time of 3.5 hours. On low, the Streamlight Survivor LED puts out a bright light and extended run time. It delivers 60 lumens / 12,000 candela, its beam reaching 718 ft, with a 13 hour run time. Flash mode is great if you have to get someones attention. It flashes at a rate of around 2 flashes per second, and has a run time of 8 hours. The moonlight mode is terrific for general use in dark conditions. It supplies a low level light, and has a run time of 20 days. It features a spring clip on the back, so you can attach it to your jacket and have a forward facing light. The clip is very easy to find and use, even with large gloves. The casing is a thick polycarbonate, with O-ring seals at the bezel and battery compartment door for water resistance. The indestructible, scratch-proof lens keeps the light shining flawlessly. It can run on 4 ‘AA’ cells, or rechargeable battery pack.

Streamlight Fire Vulcan Series

Streamlight Fire Vulcan Series

The Streamlight Fire Vulcan Series offer a heavy duty, waterproof, strong beam and rechargeable lantern. They are lightweight and compact, so you don’t have to worry about them rolling around. With its extreme brightness and exceptionally long run time, they are the perfect solution for fire departments and law enforcement. They come in very handy in emergency situations, on the road and also at home.

Fire Vulcan LED

The Fire Vulcan LED is lightweight (1.85 lbs), easy to hold and very dependable. It is the brightest rechargeable lantern in its class. C4 LED technology. It comes with 2 levels of brightness. You can select the level of brightness with toggle switch. On the high setting, it delivers 145 lumens / 80,000 candelal Its beam distance is 1856 feet, with a run time of 3 hours. On the low setting, it delivers 70 lumens / 40,000 candela, with a run time of 6 hours. The blue tail lights will increase visibility from behind, even in thick smoke. Runs on 2 lithium ion nanotechnology cells, that recharges in 5 hours. Features quick release buckle strap.

Fire Vulcan

The Fire Vulcan features a high intensity halogen 8 watt spot bi-pin bulb. It also comes with 2 very bright blue LED’s located on the back of the lantern, allowing your coworkers to follow your lead, even in thick smoke. The toggle switch activates strobe or steady modes. It offers a steady mode, with a run time of 3 hours (LED and halogen bulb). Blinking mode, (LED and halogen bulb) have a run time of 6 hours. Blinking mode (LED only) has a 60 hour run time. It weighs 3.3 lbs. Powered by 6V, 4.5 Ah rechargeable battery, which can be recharged up to 500 times. This also comes with a quick release buckle strap.

Fire Vulcan Vehicle Mount System

The Fire Vulcan Vehicle Mount System has the same features as the Fire Vulcan. In addition, it comes with 12V DC vehicle mountable direct wire charging rack.

Streamlight FireBox Series

Streamlight FireBox Series

The Streamlight FireBox Series is made to withstand hard use or wear. It is great for fire fighters/rescue workers, utilities and pest control. It is also ideal for power failures at home.

E-Flood FireBox

The E-Flood FireBox is a heavy duty, long run time and dependable lantern. It is equipped with 6 bright white C4 LED’s in the front to produce a uniform flood pattern. It also features a toggle switch and 2 user programmable, very bright blue tail light LED’s. It has 2 levels of lighting. For level high, it delivers 615 lumens / 4,000 candela. The beam can reach up to 413 feet, and has run time of 8 hours. For a longer run time (up to 18 hours), just change the level to low. It delivers 330 lumens / 2,150 candela, with a beam distance of 305 feet. Maintenance free 6V, 12Ah sealed lead acid battery. Rechargeable up to 500 times. Available in yellow or orange.

E-Flood FireBox Vehicle Mount System

The E-Flood FireBox Vehicle Mount System has the same features as the E-Flood FireBox. In addition, it comes with vehicle mountable hard wire rack, and a shoulder carrying strap.

E-Spot FireBox

The E-Spot FireBox is tough and powerful. It features 3 C4 LED’s and deep dish parabolic reflectors to deliver a large spot pattern. It also comes with 2 rear blue LED’s, allowing the user to be seen coming or going, making it an ideal light for search and rescue. It offers two levels of brightness. On level high, the E-Spot FireBox delivers 540 lumens / 55,000 candela, with a beam distance of 1,539 feet, and a run time of 7 hours. When it is on low, it produces 330 lumens / 32,000 candela. The beam shines up to 1,175, with a 15 hour run time.

E-Spot FireBox Vehicle Mount System

The E-Spot FireBox Vehicle Mount System offers the same features as the E-Spot FireBox. In addition, it has the vehicle mountable hard wire rack, and a carrying strap.


The FireBox is a rugged and reliable light. It is equipped with a bright halogen bi-pin bulb and 2 blue LED’s. A toggle switch allows the user to select different lighting modes. It has halogen only in steady or blinking mode. LED’s in steady or blinking mode, and also halogen and LED’s in steady and/ or blinking mode. The 8 watt spot bulb delivers 150 lumens / 80,000 candela, and a run time of 8 hours. Blinking LED’s have up to 100 hours.

FireBox Vehicle Mount System

The FireBox Vehicle Mount System is equipped with the same features as the FireBox. In addition, it comes with the vehicle mountable hard wire rack, and a shoulder carrying strap.

Streamlight HAZ-LO Series

Streamlight HAZ-LO Series

The Streamlight HAZ-LO Series are bright, and very durable lights. With its non conductive chemical and corrosion resistant nylon polymer, they are the perfect choice to use in most hazardous environments.


The Survivor is truly a bright and absolutely durable flashlight. It has a very concentrated beam for excellent viewing distance. It has 4 lighting modes to choose from. On the high level, it has a very bright beam that cuts through smoke very well. It delivers 175 lumens / 41,000 candela, while reaching up to 1,328 ft, and a run time of 4 hours. On low, it produces a bright light, and offers a longer run time. It delivers 60 lumens / 14,000 candela. It has a beam distance of 777 feet, and a run time of 15 hours. Flash is used for signaling, and has run time of 8 hours. The moonlight mode puts out a low level lighting, and can run up to 20 continuous days. You also have the ability to switch to alkaline batteries (4 ‘AA’) when the rechargeable pack runs out. It features a sturdy clip, which keeps the light secured and pointed forward on your turnout gear.

Knucklehead HAZ-LO Flood Model

The Knucklehead HAZ-LO Flood Model creates a broad lighting pattern, and is equipped to connect to many things. Level high puts out a soft flood beam, it delivers 163 lumens / 730 candela, while reaching 177 feet, with a run time of 3.75. On level low, it produces a lower light with an extended run time. It delivers 50 lumens / 230 candela, a beam distance of 98 feet and 12 hours of run time. Moonlight mode produces a low level light, it delivers 1.3 lumens with a run time of 20 days. Emergency flashing has a run time of 8 hours. It can be powered by either rechargeable NiCd battery pack or 4 ‘AA’ alkaline batteries. This model is available is orange, or yellow. The orange light comes with a rear clip and a very strong magnet so the user can fasten it to turnout gear or object. The yellow model features an integrated hanging hook and powerful magnet.

Knucklehead HAZ-LO Spot Model

The Knucklehead HAZ-LO Spot Model has a far reaching beam, which is very helpful when you are locating hazards or searching for victims from a distance. For level high, it delivers 150 lumens / 12,900 candela, with a reaching distance of 744 feet. It has a run time of 3.5 hours. On level low, it produces a less intense light, with a longer run time. It delivers 55 lumens / 4,300 candela, reaching 429 feet and a 12 hour run time. Moonlight mode has a run time of 20 days, and supplies a low level light. Flash for signaling, can run up to 8 hours. It is available in yellow or orange. They both feature a 210 degree articulating head that rotates full 360 degrees. They also have a powerful removable magnet, and options for hands free usage. The yellow light is equipped with an integrated, stowable hook. The orange model comes with a durable, spring loaded clip for easy attachments.

PolyStinger LED HAZ-LO

The PolyStinger LED HAZ-LO was built to be used in hazardous locations. It has C4 LED technology, with 3 levels of brightness to choose from. On high, it delivers 130 lumens / 15,000 candela. The beam can shine up to 803 feet, with a run time of 4 hours. When the PolyStinger LED HAZ-LO is on level low, it produces 50 lumens / 5,700 candela. It has reaching distance of 495 feet, and a 12 hour run time. The moonlight mode is terrific, especially with the extended run time. It delivers 1.3 lumens / 120 candela. It isn’t very bright, but it has a run time of 20 days.Powered by NiCd rechargeable batteries. Available in yellow or black.