Motorola CP200 Series Radios

The CP200 radio has launched and re-engineered itself into the digital world with the presentation of the CP200d. The CP200d radio can easily work across both transmitting fields of analog and digital and still offer great sound and using all the past and present accessories. When working the CP200d in the digital mode this radio will easily work with Motorola’s MOTOTRBO XPR series radios. This is a very good cross over without the need to change out your entire radio supply.

CP200 Series Batteries

The CP200d radio utilizes the same batteries as the CP200, CP150, CP200XLS and quite a few others. All of the mentioned radios will interchange with the NNTN4497 lithium Ion, NNTN4851 nickel metal hydride, NNTN4970 slim lithium and the higher capacity PMNN4450 lithium. There are also other models that work with the CP200d.

CP200 Series Radio Earpiece’s

The CP200d radio also has a wide range of options for earpiece’s starting with the big ones being the PMLN6530 and RLN5318. The PMLN6530 and RLN5318 is a two wire surveillance kit with a larger PTT and Acoustical Coiled ear tube which is replaceable. The PMLN6530 has been designed specifically for the CP200d, but will work with all Motorola 2 prong connected radios. Both of the PMLN6530 and RLN5318 offers great sound quality and long day lasting comfort with the soft surgical rubber ear tube and mushroom tip. Another great add on for the ear piece is the Ear Mold which looks a bit like the shape of an ear and comes in 3 different sizes to fit both ears and small to large ear openings. These ear molds are number RLN4760, RLN4761, RLN4762, RLN4763, RLN4764, RLN4765 and usually come in skin color surgical grade rubber and also provide all day comfort.

CP200 Radio Series Speaker Mics

The most widely used speaker mic for the CP200d is the PMMN4013. The PMMN4013 comes with rotating spring action clothing clip, large PTT button, coiled cord which is stretchable to about 4 feet, direct 2 prong connection to radio and a listen only ear port for the attachment and use of the RLN4941 listen only earpiece. The PMMN4013 comes with a One Year Warranty and provides great clear sound and paired with the RLN4941 you are sure not to miss that transmission due to background noise interference.

The CP200d radio has so many great options for ear piece’s that we have to give mention. Starting with PMLN5001 D Style, PMLN4443 Over Ear Swivel and PMLN6532 C Style Swivel. These 3 styles are very convenient for use in the Restaurant, Retail, Hospitality and Sporting venues. What makes these great for these fields of work will be the main factor of not having to place the item into an ear canal from one person to another. They are also cleanable with the use of an alcohol swab to eliminate cross contamination from person to person.

CP200 Radio Series Belt Clips

The belt clip HLN8255 is the easiest and cheapest way to carry this radio or you can go for the soft Nylon Holster HLN9701. Either way you won’t break the bank. Keep in mind the belt clips are plastic and with enough force they can snap off from the mounting area on the battery. The HLN9701 Holster has a T Strap with snap that will keep the radio in place, a belt loop to carry via your belt and if you prefer, you can use the D Rings for a should strap.

We carry almost ever type of accessory you would need for the CP family of radios