Motorola XPR 7550 Radio Batteries.

The Motorola XPR 7550 is a two-way radio model that typically uses rechargeable batteries. If you’re looking for information about


batteries for the Motorola XPR 7550, it’s important to use the recommended and compatible battery models to ensure optimal performance. There are various XPR 7550 batteries that can be used with the XPR 7550 Radio. Some of the variations of XPR 7550 Batteries include high Capacity, Impres batteries and standard batteries.

The XPR 7550 Impres Battery is designed to let the user recondition their battery when needed to keep the battery lasting longer.  The Impres XPR 7550 Battery also comes with a 18 month warranty.  The standard XPR 7550 Battery usually comes with higher milliamp which will give it a longer run time but only has a 12 month warranty.  It is up to the end user what they feel is most important to them.  Whether you get smart or standard batteries, the Motorola XPR 7550 Battery is a durable long lasting battery.

Motorola CP200D Batteries

Motorola CP200D Batteries have gone through some great and somewhat failed comparisons of the batteries on the market.

The most widely used battery in todays market is the NNTN4497. This battery has been given many names over the years, like, NNTN4497A, NNTN4497AR, NNTN4497CR and the newest NNTN4497DR.


There are a multitude of look-a-likes (Aftermarket) batteries for the CP200D also available to the end user. Motorola CP200D RadioBUT, beware, these batteries come with a price, as all things do.

You can easily spend in the mid to high forty’s for the OEM with a one year warranty. Or, you can see some on the internet for as low as $15-$19 each. These lower end batteries are either Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) or Nickel Metal Hydride NiMh) which are heavy batteries and low running milliamps and have memory effect.

Memory effect simply means that the batteries have only so many life cycles available in the battery. Typically NiCad’s have about 500 and NiMh have about 1000. This is determined by the amount of times the battery is placed in and out of your charger. So with that in mind lower milliamp batteries will typically have to be placed on the charger more often, which will lead to the shortening of life expectancy.

Lithium batteries are not subjected to life cycles, because they have no memory effect going in and out of the charger.

Another key factor when deciding to buy a NNTN4497 battery is the country of origin for the lithium batteries. Command Tac ONLY use Lithium battery cells for the NNTN4497 batteries from Japan. Japanese lithium battery cells are the best on the market. Don’t be fooled by cheap Chinese batteries

Before making a choice based on PRICE, look for how many milliamps your getting for that low price. You want as many milliamps as you can get and you want Lithium. The higher the milliamps the longer the run time.

We offer the highest milliamp lithium batteries on the market. Our NNTN4497 replacement battery comes in at a staggering 2800 milliamps.

We have tested this battery by just letting sit on a live radio and the battery has lasted anywhere between 24-52 hours before the radio started beeping which is indicating low battery.

Motorola PMNN4071 Battery

The Motorola PMNN4071 Battery is used in the Motorola Mag One radios.  It is also used in the BPR40 Radio, the BPR20 Radio and the BC130 Radios.  The PMNN4071 Battery comes in different milliamps depending on which manufacturer you choose. There is the Command Tac Battery which comes in at 1600 mAh, the Empire Battery which comes in at 1400 mAh and the Motorola Brand which comes in at the 1300 mAh level.

The PMNN4071AR battery is 1600 mAh 7.5 Volts, NiMh battery and the Command Tac comes with a belt clip.  It is also know as a Mag One Battery.

Motorola NNTN4497 Battery for the CP150, CP200 and CP200D Radios

The Motorola NNTN4497 the favorite battery used by owners of the CP150, CP200 and CP200D Radio owners.  The original NNTN4497 has been revised over the years yielding new part numbers for each new improvement.  The original battery known as the NNTN4497AR which was 1800 mAh, then came the NNTN4497AR which featured 1950 mAh.  The newest version  NNTN4497CR Battery which comes with a whopping 2190 mAh.  But if you want even more talk time you can find the replacement battery for your CP150 Radio or your CP200 Radio or CP200 Radio you could choose the Command Tac heavy duty battery which carries an astonishing 2500 mAh.  All of these Batteries come with the standard 1 year warranty but for my money the Command Tac is by far the best buy.  The CP200D is the latest version of the CP200 Series Radios and the Command Tac will provide the longest talk time on the market.  You can see the Command Tac NNTN4497 battery here.

Motorola NNTN7034B Battery

NNTN7034B Battery Replacement
NNTN7034B Replacement Battery

The Motorola NNTN7034B battery:  Also known as the NNTN7034 and NNTN7034A is a RUGGEDIZED Battery.  This battery is the long version battery which allows longer run times.  These come in a variety of Amperage depending on if you go with the Motorola Original or a replacement Battery.  The factory NNTN7034B comes with 4200 mAh while you can get replacement NNTN7034B batteries with 4600 mAh.  From our testing the replacement batteries save money and provide a long lasting battery without sacrificing quality.  Whether you by the Motorola Original or Replacement NNTN7034 battery you are getting quality, time tested batteries.  They are designed to fit the APX 6000 Radio, APX 6000 Li Radio, APX 6000 XE Radio, APX 7000 Radio, APX 8000 Radio, SRX 2200 Radio.

Battery Replacement: Motorola Batteries

Motorola Battery Replacement – How to Buy New Motorola Batteries

Motorola makes great radio products with versatile functions. The Motorola battery replacement is one area where the company has worked in the last few years. The replacement for Motorola batteries is a booming industry since the company has shut support for older versions.
If you are tired of empty old batteries that do not last even 24 hours, then this Motorola radio battery replacement guide will help you. Many online retailers offers great deals on discontinued batteries. You don’t have to worry about having to keep an extra battery whenever you are going for work. Whether you seek extended, slim or standard battery, online retailers have the best stock of Motorola batteries. Here is how you can buy one and what steps to follow.

Motorola NiMh Battery

Motorola was one of the first ones to launch an NiMh battery. These batteries easily outperform their competition in the race to last an entire day with high performance features running. Old NiMh batteries reduce the working capability of your two way radio due to quick discharge flaw. Depleted batteries can lead you into myriad different dangerous situations. These batteries are very fast to recharge. When combined with rapid transfer rate transformer, they can quickly be charged within 2 hours. They are easy to carry, fast to charge and easy to replace.

Li-Ion Batteries

These are the batteries of the 21st century. They have almost destroyed the AAA Alkaline batteries. They are now available for a wide range of Motorola two way radios. Not to forget that they have even improved the older two way model’s efficiency due to longer running times. Li-Ion batteries are so successful that modern mobiles and tablets also make use of these batteries to deliver weeks of standby time. Add this amazing week standby time to two way radio and you know that you will never get lost in the wilderness again.

NiCd Batteries

These batteries are the staple of the Motorola two way radios. They are the most widely available and cheapest batteries users can find online. They mean Nicad batteries. Although, they are being phased out slowly, but many old yet efficient two way systems make use of these batteries. Nothing beats their easy availability and the ability to quickly get to work. That is why they have survived the onslaught of newer Li-Ion batteries. They still represent the pinnacle of Motorola battery replacement.