Motorola Minitor

Motorola Minitor – Firefighters Still Love Their Pagers in Critical Situations

Volunteer firefighters have unique needs and work environments. Faced by small budgets and challenging jobs, they often rely on the best yet affordable technology. Motorola Minitor V is the ideal communications device when the mission is critical. This little device helps firefighters rescue people and save lives in times of distress.  The Minitor V is run by the powerful Motrola Minitor V Battery that goes by the part number RLN5707A

For decades, generations of paramedics, firefighters and EMT have relied on Motorola Minitor V to send/receive distress calls for help wherever they are. Small, yet feature rich, Motorola 5 is built to help you get the job done right and to be safe. The improved receiver has been redesigned to get maximum range. It has been made keeping in mind the challenging job conditions faced by emergency crews all around the world.  The Minitor V pager is uses Minitor V RLN5703C Charger  to keep the battery charged to its fullest.


This two-tone voice pager is the perfect device to not only for professional firefighters, but also for industrial safety crews to better handle emergencies. The dependable reception and its customizable options make it a very reliable workhorse.

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Motorola Minitor V Features

  • Better functionality compared to older Minitor IV pagers
  • 65 dB selectivity
  • Wideband / Narrowband programmable
  • Spurious image rejection – 55 db
  • Vibrating and Tone alerting modes
  • -30 to +50 Celsius operating temperature
  • Programmable frequency and tones
  • 3.0 to 5.5 µV/m – Sensitivity
  • 12 tone sets/channel
  • Clear, loud audio
  • Stored voice model w/ 8 minutes storage
  • Wide and narrow band channel spacing
  • Speaker earphone jack included
  • Low Band UHF – Frequency band
  • Extended battery life
  • Standard one year warranty included

There are other notable features in the Minitor 5 Motorola that make it a winner. Monitor mode helps you listen to all the communication on any given channel. Function select, and 2-channel priority scan further helps you get priority communication faster. The model is certified for hazardous locations and rugged tough conditions. Motorola Minitor 5 batteries are rechargeable NiMH units that perform great in extreme conditions.