Motorola Mobiles

Motorola Mobiles – Is Trend of Old-School Mobiles Coming Back?

Remember when a little snake kept you entertained all day long. That what the time of Motorola mobiles. Going with the present trend, it seems like the performance hungry and app heavy mobiles are not liked anymore. Every other manufacturer is now making gains into the superphone market. This has flooded the market with feature rich smartphones. However, the market for simpler Motorola mobiles is also rising fast.

Consumers Want Simplicity

More and more people are turning their back on expensive feature rich smartphones. Remember, the fireman still uses the sturdy Motorola mobile radio. People have even started to flaunt their bulky mobiles that have years old retro features. The demand is getting so high that some old models even sell for premium of up to $500.
These old mobiles are very simple to use. This is something that even today’s smartphones do not offer much. They are built well and offer simple yet effective features. Many people have the simple reason which is ‘ they don’t make it like those anymore’ referring to the old sturdy mobiles. Tiny mobiles with plastic buttons to dial a number are selling like hot cakes online.
Besides the aging user who is not on the same page with smartphones, even the younger generation are¬†gunning for these mobiles. Smartphones might be future ahead for the telecommunications industry, but these budget phones are not going away. Leading the pack is the Nokia, a firm that has suffered massive losses in the recent years. It has lost some of its business to its competitors like Apple and Samsung. Yet, it is this old school under-dog charm that has made sure that Nokia is seeing its boat afloat with Microsoft ‘s help. Motorola mobile radios are making it own their own. Their Motorola mobile batteries division is making swift gains.

Will The Boost Last?

The big question is whether or not this trend will last. As far as ageing population is concerned, they are certainly going to go for the simpler phones. Nothing will stop the smartphone rise. They are certainly going to offer the best of what the future holds in store. However, there will always be a market for the nostalgic phones especially the Motorola mobiles. People are going to jump back to simplicity after taking a ride on the Smartphone roller coaster.