Battery Replacement: Motorola Batteries

Motorola Battery Replacement – How to Buy New Motorola Batteries

Motorola makes great radio products with versatile functions. The Motorola battery replacement is one area where the company has worked in the last few years. The replacement for Motorola batteries is a booming industry since the company has shut support for older versions.
If you are tired of empty old batteries that do not last even 24 hours, then this Motorola radio battery replacement guide will help you. Many online retailers offers great deals on discontinued batteries. You don’t have to worry about having to keep an extra battery whenever you are going for work. Whether you seek extended, slim or standard battery, online retailers have the best stock of Motorola batteries. Here is how you can buy one and what steps to follow.

Motorola NiMh Battery

Motorola was one of the first ones to launch an NiMh battery. These batteries easily outperform their competition in the race to last an entire day with high performance features running. Old NiMh batteries reduce the working capability of your two way radio due to quick discharge flaw. Depleted batteries can lead you into myriad different dangerous situations. These batteries are very fast to recharge. When combined with rapid transfer rate transformer, they can quickly be charged within 2 hours. They are easy to carry, fast to charge and easy to replace.

Li-Ion Batteries

These are the batteries of the 21st century. They have almost destroyed the AAA Alkaline batteries. They are now available for a wide range of Motorola two way radios. Not to forget that they have even improved the older two way model’s efficiency due to longer running times. Li-Ion batteries are so successful that modern mobiles and tablets also make use of these batteries to deliver weeks of standby time. Add this amazing week standby time to two way radio and you know that you will never get lost in the wilderness again.

NiCd Batteries

These batteries are the staple of the Motorola two way radios. They are the most widely available and cheapest batteries users can find online. They mean Nicad batteries. Although, they are being phased out slowly, but many old yet efficient two way systems make use of these batteries. Nothing beats their easy availability and the ability to quickly get to work. That is why they have survived the onslaught of newer Li-Ion batteries. They still represent the pinnacle of Motorola battery replacement.