Motorola XPR 7550 Radio Batteries.

The Motorola XPR 7550 is a two-way radio model that typically uses rechargeable batteries. If you’re looking for information about


batteries for the Motorola XPR 7550, it’s important to use the recommended and compatible battery models to ensure optimal performance. There are various XPR 7550 batteries that can be used with the XPR 7550 Radio. Some of the variations of XPR 7550 Batteries include high Capacity, Impres batteries and standard batteries.

The XPR 7550 Impres Battery is designed to let the user recondition their battery when needed to keep the battery lasting longer.  The Impres XPR 7550 Battery also comes with a 18 month warranty.  The standard XPR 7550 Battery usually comes with higher milliamp which will give it a longer run time but only has a 12 month warranty.  It is up to the end user what they feel is most important to them.  Whether you get smart or standard batteries, the Motorola XPR 7550 Battery is a durable long lasting battery.

Motorola CP200 Series Radios

The CP200 radio has launched and re-engineered itself into the digital world with the presentation of the CP200d. The CP200d radio can easily work across both transmitting fields of analog and digital and still offer great sound and using all the past and present accessories. When working the CP200d in the digital mode this radio will easily work with Motorola’s MOTOTRBO XPR series radios. This is a very good cross over without the need to change out your entire radio supply.

CP200 Series Batteries

The CP200d radio utilizes the same batteries as the CP200, CP150, CP200XLS and quite a few others. All of the mentioned radios will interchange with the NNTN4497 lithium Ion, NNTN4851 nickel metal hydride, NNTN4970 slim lithium and the higher capacity PMNN4450 lithium. There are also other models that work with the CP200d.

CP200 Series Radio Earpiece’s

The CP200d radio also has a wide range of options for earpiece’s starting with the big ones being the PMLN6530 and RLN5318. The PMLN6530 and RLN5318 is a two wire surveillance kit with a larger PTT and Acoustical Coiled ear tube which is replaceable. The PMLN6530 has been designed specifically for the CP200d, but will work with all Motorola 2 prong connected radios. Both of the PMLN6530 and RLN5318 offers great sound quality and long day lasting comfort with the soft surgical rubber ear tube and mushroom tip. Another great add on for the ear piece is the Ear Mold which looks a bit like the shape of an ear and comes in 3 different sizes to fit both ears and small to large ear openings. These ear molds are number RLN4760, RLN4761, RLN4762, RLN4763, RLN4764, RLN4765 and usually come in skin color surgical grade rubber and also provide all day comfort.

CP200 Radio Series Speaker Mics

The most widely used speaker mic for the CP200d is the PMMN4013. The PMMN4013 comes with rotating spring action clothing clip, large PTT button, coiled cord which is stretchable to about 4 feet, direct 2 prong connection to radio and a listen only ear port for the attachment and use of the RLN4941 listen only earpiece. The PMMN4013 comes with a One Year Warranty and provides great clear sound and paired with the RLN4941 you are sure not to miss that transmission due to background noise interference.

The CP200d radio has so many great options for ear piece’s that we have to give mention. Starting with PMLN5001 D Style, PMLN4443 Over Ear Swivel and PMLN6532 C Style Swivel. These 3 styles are very convenient for use in the Restaurant, Retail, Hospitality and Sporting venues. What makes these great for these fields of work will be the main factor of not having to place the item into an ear canal from one person to another. They are also cleanable with the use of an alcohol swab to eliminate cross contamination from person to person.

CP200 Radio Series Belt Clips

The belt clip HLN8255 is the easiest and cheapest way to carry this radio or you can go for the soft Nylon Holster HLN9701. Either way you won’t break the bank. Keep in mind the belt clips are plastic and with enough force they can snap off from the mounting area on the battery. The HLN9701 Holster has a T Strap with snap that will keep the radio in place, a belt loop to carry via your belt and if you prefer, you can use the D Rings for a should strap.

We carry almost ever type of accessory you would need for the CP family of radios

Motorola CP200D Batteries

Motorola CP200D Batteries have gone through some great and somewhat failed comparisons of the batteries on the market.

The most widely used battery in todays market is the NNTN4497. This battery has been given many names over the years, like, NNTN4497A, NNTN4497AR, NNTN4497CR and the newest NNTN4497DR.


There are a multitude of look-a-likes (Aftermarket) batteries for the CP200D also available to the end user. Motorola CP200D RadioBUT, beware, these batteries come with a price, as all things do.

You can easily spend in the mid to high forty’s for the OEM with a one year warranty. Or, you can see some on the internet for as low as $15-$19 each. These lower end batteries are either Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) or Nickel Metal Hydride NiMh) which are heavy batteries and low running milliamps and have memory effect.

Memory effect simply means that the batteries have only so many life cycles available in the battery. Typically NiCad’s have about 500 and NiMh have about 1000. This is determined by the amount of times the battery is placed in and out of your charger. So with that in mind lower milliamp batteries will typically have to be placed on the charger more often, which will lead to the shortening of life expectancy.

Lithium batteries are not subjected to life cycles, because they have no memory effect going in and out of the charger.

Another key factor when deciding to buy a NNTN4497 battery is the country of origin for the lithium batteries. Command Tac ONLY use Lithium battery cells for the NNTN4497 batteries from Japan. Japanese lithium battery cells are the best on the market. Don’t be fooled by cheap Chinese batteries

Before making a choice based on PRICE, look for how many milliamps your getting for that low price. You want as many milliamps as you can get and you want Lithium. The higher the milliamps the longer the run time.

We offer the highest milliamp lithium batteries on the market. Our NNTN4497 replacement battery comes in at a staggering 2800 milliamps.

We have tested this battery by just letting sit on a live radio and the battery has lasted anywhere between 24-52 hours before the radio started beeping which is indicating low battery.

Motorola CP and CT Radio Series Surveillance Kits

The most widely used surveillance/earpiece kits for the CP and CT series are pieces that can work and be shared with multiple users. Those earpieces are the PMLN4443, PMLN5001, PMLN5807, PMLN6531, PMLN6532, HKLN4604 and HKLN4424. These units also come with a 1 year warranty. 


If your looking to step up to a more expensive individual personal earpiece, look no further than the RLN5318, PMLN6445, PMLN6530 and PMLN6536.  These units have the type of ear piece that is inserted into your ear opening which makes this a more personal use earpiece used more with security and surveillance scenarios. These units are typically more expensive but the PTT and sound quality are better.


The is such a wide range of earpieces that can be used for the CP and CT series radios that we will try to mention without boring you completely. Let’s look at the PMLN4443, this unit features and in-line PTT with VOX. This VOX feature allows the user to be hands free and communicate with other workers without having to remove their hands from critical applications that require control. The downside is as soon as you start speaking everyone hears the conversation. This PMLN4443 with VOX feature is easily disabled by the switch control on the PTT. The PMLN6531 is one of the newer models with the same style we call Ear Hanger and also comes with VOX.


VOX technology only works when you have the earpiece and radio that are both capable of VOX operations. Not all radios are able to operate in VOX mode. VOX has been used in Industrial and Commercial lines of work where the user is very hands on and any removal of hands from sensitive controls could put someone at risk. VOX is used widely with Crane and Heavy Equipment Operators.


Another good earpiece is the D Style PMLN5001 with Micro/Mini PTT. The PMLN5001 D Style is describing the actual look of the part that goes over the ear. It has the speaker built into the D section that lies over the ear and easy to clean for multiple users. This type of earpiece is commonly found in use with drive through fast food and restaurants.


Another favorite is the PMLN6532 which is the C Style which is easy for day long wear and usually doesn’t create ear fatigue. The PMLN6532 comes with a swivel earpiece allowing for use with either ear, in-line PTT and clothing clip. This PMLN6532 has heavy use in the retail and restaurant business sector.


There is a new comer to the earpiece market, which is a Snap Lock. The Snap Lock Earpiece is designed for the changeability of different earpiece styles while keeping the PTT and Connector to the radio the same. The different snap on earpieces is the Acoustical Tube, D-Style, C-Style, Ear Hanger and Ear Bud. Which ever is your comfort style this option makes it less expensive to switch out one style with another without breaking the bank. This Snap Lock system also allows business owners the ability to provide individual earpiece’s to employees without the worry transferring any cross contamination.


A great listen only earpiece we can’t leave out is the RLN4941 which is used in conjunction with the PMMN4013 speaker mic. The RLN4941 is a listen only and has a 3.5mm right angle plug and is used to keep conversation discreet during transmission. In very noisy environments it is too difficult to hear transmissions over the radio or speaker mic if your not using the RLN4941.


These 2 prong earpiece’s will work with any Motorola 2 prong accessory port. Below is a list of compatible radios. (Not All Radios Mentioned)


BPR20, BPR40, CP040, CP080, CP100, CP110, CP120, CP125, CP140, CP150, CP1600, CP1660, CP185, CP200, CP200d, CP200XLS, CP220, CP240, CP250, CP300, CP476, CP477, CLS1110, CLS1410, CT150, CT250, CT450, CT450LS, GP300, LTS2000, P1225, PR400, RDU, RDV, RMU, RMV, VL130, VL50, XU, XV, and many others

Motorola Talkabout Battery

Motorola Talkabout Batteries vary widely in their amps but one thing is for sure, they all pack a punch for the size and weight.  One of the more popular batteries commonly in use is the KEBT-071-D Battery.  This battery is used in over 60 different Talkabout Radios.  We have found that the Voltages all remain the same 3.6 volt but the amperage ranges from 600 mAh to a whopping 1500mAh.  Amperage is pretty important to those who use their radios on a regular basis such as department stores, stadiums and places that need regular communication between workers.  The Motorola Original KEBT-071-D comes with the lowest amperage where the Command Tac KEBT-071-D comes with the highest amperage topping out at 1500 mAh.  The prices vary as widely as the amperage.  We found places selling these as low as 3.99 to as high as 17.99.  In testing both the Motorola Talkabout Battery and the Command Tac KEBT-071-D battery to see what the actual difference was in overall performance.  The Command Tac Battery run time was over 3 times longer than the Motorola Original with a much lower price of only $7.99.  The best value is the higher milliampere battery with the best price.  We used the people over at to provide us with some price comparisons on the KEBT-071-D battery.

Motorola RLN4941A Listen Only Surveillance Piece.

The Motorola RLN4941A single wire listen only ear piece is the first choice for many people who want discrete communication.  The RLN4941 has a clear ear tube that helps to keep the unit virtually undetectable.  There are several options including mushroom tips, small medium and large ear molds that are available. This gives you the ability to choose what is the most comfortable for long wear.  There is also several replacement brands available but only one brand that we have tested held up to the quality of the Motorola Original RLN4941.   Command Tac RLN4941 out lasted the Motorola Original in our field testing.  We have also found that the Command Tac RLN4941A comes with an extra ear tube included at about a third of the cost.

Motorola APX 6000 Two Way Radio

Motorola APX 6000, the Power House of radios

The Motorola APX 6000 Two Way radio is one of the most powerful portable radios on the planet. From the day it was APX 6000 Radio with Displayintroduced,the Motorola APX 6000 has performed reliably in some of the most challenging conditions. To this day, the Motorola APX 6000 is being used by emergency units and security servicemen for daily activities or emergency situations.

Despite having earned such status, Motorola never stopped improving the device. In fact, the new versions are updated to support newer forms of technology such as Bluetooth connectivity, Adaptive Audio Engine, and WiFI.

If you want to know more about the Motorola APX 6000, then you have come to the right place. This article is going to highlight the most important features of this legendary portable radio.

Single Band Operation

The APX 6000 performs beautifully well in single band operation. Some of its single band operation features include:

* Wide Range Of Frequency Bands – The Motorola APX 6000 is able to operate in UHF range 1, Range 2 Bands and 7/800 Mhz. With such a wide range of frequency, you’ll have a lot of communications options within your hands.

* Wide Range Of Modes and Protocols – The Motorola APX 6000’s modes and protocols include direct, repeater, clear or secure, SmartZone/Smartnet, Trunked or Conventional, Digital P25, QCII and Andalog MDC-1200.

Built For High Performance

No matter the kind of mission, you can always rely on the Motorola APX 6000 for your communication needs. Below are some of the vital features that make Motorola APX 6000 a good choice for critical or routine missions.

* Aggressive Shape – The Motorola APX 6000 comes with the iconic T-shape design. This allows the user to easily grip on the unit even with slippery or wet hands. And, thanks to its T-shaped design, the chances of the unit slipping through the hands is minimized.

* Display – The Motorola APX 6000 features a display on the top of the radio. It’s very easy to have a quick glance at the screen and acquire the necessary information.

* Smart Lighting – This portable radio features 3 simple color codes for critical radio events such as private pages, calls, out of range, low battery and emergency.

* Voice Announcement – The Motorola APX 6000 is able to provide the user with audible confirmation for various functions like control lock, encryption, emergency, direct mode and scan.

Built For Toughness

In most cases, portable radios are used in some of the toughest working environment. Hence, you will need something that is rugged enough to withstand the rigors of the work environment. With Motorola APX 6000’s build, it’s one of the toughest portable radios in the planet. Here are a few tough features of the Motorola APX 6000.

* Tough Endoskeleton – It’s not only the exterior shell of the Motorola APX 6000 that’s tough. On the inside, there’s another layer of aluminum alloy endoskeleton. This protects the internal parts of the radio from moisture or water instruction.

* IP68 Rating – This radio is tested and officially rated to be resistant up to two meters of water.

* Tempered Glass – The display of the Motorola APX 6000 is protected by a tempered glass. It’s tough enough to resist most impacts and scratches.

* Dual Latch Battery – The design of the Motorola APX 6000’s ensures that the battery is latched securely to the body. This avoids the battery from ejecting off, powering down and resetting in instances of drops.

Security Features

If the work environment requires the need for secure communications, then Motorola APX 6000 can handle itself pretty nicely. Below are a few of the many security features of Motorola APX 6000.

* Multi-encryption Algorithms – The Motorola APX 6000 features hardware encryption algorithm like ADP, DES and AES with 128 keys. This allows the user or users to secure sensitive information for possible eavesdroppers and scanners.

* OTAR – This stands for over-the-air re-key. It’s another feature to ensure the security of communication and it’ allows the changing of encryptions keys to be executed over the air. It’s a great feature for increasing efficiency.

* P25 Radio Authentication – Motorola APX 6000 comes with an authentication system and this ensures that only the authorized personnel are able to use the system.

Adaptive Audio Engine

The primary purpose of a portable radio is to send and receive audio messages. This is the reason why Motorola spent a great deal of effort to make messages clearer for the user of Motorola APX 6000. Here are a few key points of the Motorola APX 6000’s Adaptive Audio Engine

* Dual Sided Operation – The Motorola APX 6000 uses beam forming technology in its system. With this feature, you will be able to talk to either side of the radio, and the receiver will be able to receive your audio messages clearly.

* Noise Suppression – This portable radio has a built in an audio algorithm engine with the sole purpose of canceling out noises in the environment. Again, this is to ensure high audio quality.

* Speaker Equalization – The Motorola APX 6000 has a great way of equalizing the audio output. If you choose the lower volumes, the speakers can auto-adjust to place a higher priority on talker authenticity. If you choose the higher volumes, the Motorola APX 6000 optimizes the audio to prioritize speech intelligibility.

* Gain Control – Motorola APX 6000 features an adaptive gain control system. Like most audio system, the more gain you have, the louder the audio gets. This is not always a good thing as distortions are also amplified. With Motorola APX 6000 adaptive gain control engine, the system will automatically set the right amount of gain to minimize the distortion.

* Windporting – This portable radio also comes with an Adaptive windporting. Without the windporting features, the wind may cause an unwelcome sound in the audio quality. With the Adaptive windporting of Motorola APX 6000, the system automatically cancels out the wind noise.

* IMPRES Smart Energy System offer the radio user to receive the maximum life from the battery by removing the surprise of “low battery alerts.” IMPRES chargers have the ability to inform you specifically how much power is within an IMPRES battery before you connect it to a radio and precisely when an IMPRES battery has come to the end of its support life.

Motorola World

Another advantage of using Motorola APX 6000 is that you will be able to tap into the Motorola’s world of high-quality and latest accessories. From chargers, to add-on batteries, there’s a world of Motorola APX 6000 radio accessories you can add to increase the functionality of this portable radio.

There’s nothing much to say about the Motorola APX 6000. After all, it’s one of the highly used portable radio systems in the world. It’s been used from ambulance units to military personnel. It’s already been tested in the field and through time.

The APX 6000 Radio comes offers a variety of different accessories to take your radio to the next level such as the PMLN6129 2 Wire Surveillance Kit.  This kit connects directly to the radio and has a push to talk that allows you to wear a discrete earpiece.







Motorola NNTN7034B Battery

NNTN7034B Battery Replacement
NNTN7034B Replacement Battery

The Motorola NNTN7034B battery:  Also known as the NNTN7034 and NNTN7034A is a RUGGEDIZED Battery.  This battery is the long version battery which allows longer run times.  These come in a variety of Amperage depending on if you go with the Motorola Original or a replacement Battery.  The factory NNTN7034B comes with 4200 mAh while you can get replacement NNTN7034B batteries with 4600 mAh.  From our testing the replacement batteries save money and provide a long lasting battery without sacrificing quality.  Whether you by the Motorola Original or Replacement NNTN7034 battery you are getting quality, time tested batteries.  They are designed to fit the APX 6000 Radio, APX 6000 Li Radio, APX 6000 XE Radio, APX 7000 Radio, APX 8000 Radio, SRX 2200 Radio.

Motorola Portables

The Basics of Motorola Portables – 2 Way Radio Delight for Businesses

Motorola portable radios have transformed the way industry works. It has bought instant communication within the reach of large scale industrial units at the push of a button. Productivity, efficiency and safety are integral features of this portable unit. Motorola offers a huge range of 2-way portable radios that are an ideal solution to your business’s communication needs
The Motorola range comes with many features that increase its functionality quotient with the users. Some of them include selective call, high noise reduction and push-to-talk ID. High performance audio output makes it the best companion for the noisy environment. It comes up as a clear audio solutions provider. The ergonomic design coupled with lightweight frame makes it an ideal mobile replacement for short distances. Some of the models are available in both 5W VHF and 4W UHF models.

Some Exciting Features that Stand Apart

1. Water Resistance – There are situations when water and heat resistance come in handy. Firefighters and large industrial units often face such scenarios. Even on ferries and waterways, these units come with the added protection of water resistance. For the fun, when you are at the water park, you can coordinate your movements with these portable units.
2. Backlit Display – Low-light conditions hamper productivity in organizations. Portable units with backlit display allows you to communicate even in pitch dark environments. You can easily view the current battery status in dark situations and plan accordingly.
3. Low Battery Indicator – Sometimes, users do not recognize that low battery situation is coming up real fast. Here, a special battery power indicator keeps you updated with the current available power and the power in reserve. This can be crucial in emergency situations. You can replace the battery on time or plan your movement accordingly.
4. Roger Beep – After every 3 seconds of communication on either side, this ‘roger beep’ sounds an audible beep tone. This way, either party can recognize that the other party has completed their voice message and they can speak now. The wait period is recognized and the message is conveyed much more clearly. In high noise situation, this feature comes in handy.
5. Auto-Scan Feature – The channels available currently in the range are scanned automatically by the unit. You can opt to communicate on the clearest channel and complete your conversation. Therefore, you do not have to try out difference channels.
There are several other portable units including MotoTRBO, Astro 25, P25 and Tetra. Users can select from a wide range of models that suits their requirements as per the industry. But all in all, Motorola two way portable radios combine functionality and design in a fine package.

Battery Replacement: Motorola Batteries

Motorola Battery Replacement – How to Buy New Motorola Batteries

Motorola makes great radio products with versatile functions. The Motorola battery replacement is one area where the company has worked in the last few years. The replacement for Motorola batteries is a booming industry since the company has shut support for older versions.
If you are tired of empty old batteries that do not last even 24 hours, then this Motorola radio battery replacement guide will help you. Many online retailers offers great deals on discontinued batteries. You don’t have to worry about having to keep an extra battery whenever you are going for work. Whether you seek extended, slim or standard battery, online retailers have the best stock of Motorola batteries. Here is how you can buy one and what steps to follow.

Motorola NiMh Battery

Motorola was one of the first ones to launch an NiMh battery. These batteries easily outperform their competition in the race to last an entire day with high performance features running. Old NiMh batteries reduce the working capability of your two way radio due to quick discharge flaw. Depleted batteries can lead you into myriad different dangerous situations. These batteries are very fast to recharge. When combined with rapid transfer rate transformer, they can quickly be charged within 2 hours. They are easy to carry, fast to charge and easy to replace.

Li-Ion Batteries

These are the batteries of the 21st century. They have almost destroyed the AAA Alkaline batteries. They are now available for a wide range of Motorola two way radios. Not to forget that they have even improved the older two way model’s efficiency due to longer running times. Li-Ion batteries are so successful that modern mobiles and tablets also make use of these batteries to deliver weeks of standby time. Add this amazing week standby time to two way radio and you know that you will never get lost in the wilderness again.

NiCd Batteries

These batteries are the staple of the Motorola two way radios. They are the most widely available and cheapest batteries users can find online. They mean Nicad batteries. Although, they are being phased out slowly, but many old yet efficient two way systems make use of these batteries. Nothing beats their easy availability and the ability to quickly get to work. That is why they have survived the onslaught of newer Li-Ion batteries. They still represent the pinnacle of Motorola battery replacement.