Motorola Talkabout Batteries

Motorola Talkabout Batteries – Keeps you Connected Longer

Motorola Talkabout is the ultimate camping gear for the adventurer. It may be obsolete in today’s GPS and mobile phone age, but it still has that nostalgic appeal. And unlike the cell phone, this one keeps you in contact with your team out there in the wilderness.

Motorola Talkabout is a 2-way radio that helps you keep in touch with fellow hikers during hiking/camping. This can be extremely handy in times of distress. Motorola Talkabout Series spans many models and differ as per range, features, specifications and applications. Normally, there are 22 channels on offer for excellent communication. There are also 7 NOAA channels to gather information on weather, and other emergency forecasts. The iVOX controls further help in hands-free convenience.

Where Does Motorola Talkabout Batteries Come in Picture

Just like any other product, Talkabout Motorola Series thrives on batteries. And to power all those features, there’s a range of NiMH batteries (Nickel-Metal hydride). These conform to the industry safety standards and use the latest technology. They have characteristics similar to the Ni-Cd batteries but use Hydrogen as active element instead of cadmium. Lanthanum is used to form alloys which further serve as a source of reduced hydrogen to oxidize to create protons. Alkaline potassium hydroxide serves as electrolyte. To sum it up, these Talkabout batteries last longer and perform better in adverse conditions. Sounds like the perfect job for the adventurer.

Certain models in the range are supported by higher rating NCAD batteries delivering up to 3.6 volt 700 mAH of power. 3.6 volt is the standard range for the series. However, the endurance of the gear increases with increase in mAH figures. 2 standard NiMh batteries can give up to 9 hours of life to the talk set.

Motorola Talkabout series offers diverse features such as 35 mile range, 22 channels, push-to-talk power boost, flashlight and audible low battery alert. So, you know that batteries for Motorola Talkabout are the quintessential part of every adventurer’s hiking trip.