Streamlight SL Series

Streamlight SL Series

These Streamlight SL Series are strong and very dependable high quality flashlights. Both construction and performance are top notch, and with several different features to select from, you can choose the right flashlight that suits your needs.


The SL 20L is a full sized flashlight. It has an anodized aluminum case, a polycarbonate lens and a single C4 LED. The push button on the body of the flashlight allows you to choose from three different levels of light, and strobe. On the highest setting, the SL 20L delivers 350 lumens / 60,000 candela. The beam can reach up to 1,607 feet. The run time is two hours. On the medium setting, it delivers 160 lumens / 27,000 candela. The distance of the beam is 1079 ft, with a  run time of 4 hours. On low, the beam will reach up to 206 feet. It delivers 10 lumens / 1,000 candela. The run time is a whopping 50 hours. The strobe function will last up 4 hours.


This full sized flashlight has a powerful beam that reaches up to 1607 feet. It has four modes to choose from. On the high level, the SL-20LP delivers 350 lumens / 60,000 candela. It has a run time of 2 hours. On medium, it delivers 160 lumens / 27,000 candela. The beam is not as strong, but it has a longer running time of 4 hours. It can reach up to 1079 ft. On the low setting, it delivers 10 lumens / 1,000 candela. The beam can reach up to 206 feet. It is not as bright, but it has a run time of 50 hours. Strobe can last up to 4 hours.


The SL-20X is a full sized flashlight that delivers 180 lumens / 38,000 pre-focused candela, with a continuous run time of 1.75 hours. This flashlight features 10 watt, 6 V quartz halogen lamp with tungsten filament. The aluminum casing, which is anodized against corrosion and its heavy-duty polycarbonate lens makes this flashlight practically unbreakable.


The SL-20X LED flashlight is full size. It has dual switches, so the user can select from halogen or LED. It delivers 200 lumens / 38,000 candela from its halogen bulb. It has a run time of 80 minutes. It also has a 6 Volt, 10 watt halogen bulb with 100,000 hours lifetime. Its cover, which is aluminum, is anodized against corrosion. And with its very durable polycarbonate lens it makes the SL-20X flashlight virtually impossible to break. The SL-20X LED also has an excellent feature. While the flashlight is in the charger, in the ‘ON’ position, and there is a power outage, it will automatically turn on.


The SL-20XP is a full size, lightweight flashlight that has a high intense beam. The pre-focused beam delivers 145 lumens / 25,000 candela, with a run time of 1.5 hours. It features 8 watt, 6 V quarts halogen lamp, which produces a 100 hour lifetime. They are available in black, orange or yellow.


The SL-20XP LED flashlight offers  a very bright beam, plus 3 long run time LED’s. It has two switches that you can choose from. The 8 watt halogen bulb has a 100 hour lifetime. The pre-focused halogen lamp delivers 16,000 candela. Its run time is 1.5 hours. The LED’s have a run time of 11.5 hours. When you have the SL-20XP LED charging and leave it in the ON position and the power goes out, the flashlight will automatically go on.