Motorola PMLN6129A 2 Wire Surveillance Piece

Motorola has long been known for making outstanding surveillance pieces.  The PMLN6129A is just another notch in their belt giving them the leading edge.  Along came Command Tac who has decided to out do the Motorola Original with its own version of the PMLN6129A.   It is known as the CTLN6129A.  It comes in at around half the cost of the Motorola Original, we don’t expect that to last long.  As the demand goes up for the Command Tack PMLN6129A you are most likely going to see the price rise also.  The nice thing about this surveillance piece is it has its own PTT with a direct connect to your radio.  This makes the use of a speaker mic obsolete.  It also comes with a clear coiled ear tube which can be worn discretely if you would like.  As with all Command Tac products you are going to see their quality meets or exceeds the Motorola OEM versions.  This is going to create real competition in the market.

Motorola APX 6000 Two Way Radio

Motorola APX 6000, the Power House of radios

The Motorola APX 6000 Two Way radio is one of the most powerful portable radios on the planet. From the day it was APX 6000 Radio with Displayintroduced,the Motorola APX 6000 has performed reliably in some of the most challenging conditions. To this day, the Motorola APX 6000 is being used by emergency units and security servicemen for daily activities or emergency situations.

Despite having earned such status, Motorola never stopped improving the device. In fact, the new versions are updated to support newer forms of technology such as Bluetooth connectivity, Adaptive Audio Engine, and WiFI.

If you want to know more about the Motorola APX 6000, then you have come to the right place. This article is going to highlight the most important features of this legendary portable radio.

Single Band Operation

The APX 6000 performs beautifully well in single band operation. Some of its single band operation features include:

* Wide Range Of Frequency Bands – The Motorola APX 6000 is able to operate in UHF range 1, Range 2 Bands and 7/800 Mhz. With such a wide range of frequency, you’ll have a lot of communications options within your hands.

* Wide Range Of Modes and Protocols – The Motorola APX 6000’s modes and protocols include direct, repeater, clear or secure, SmartZone/Smartnet, Trunked or Conventional, Digital P25, QCII and Andalog MDC-1200.

Built For High Performance

No matter the kind of mission, you can always rely on the Motorola APX 6000 for your communication needs. Below are some of the vital features that make Motorola APX 6000 a good choice for critical or routine missions.

* Aggressive Shape – The Motorola APX 6000 comes with the iconic T-shape design. This allows the user to easily grip on the unit even with slippery or wet hands. And, thanks to its T-shaped design, the chances of the unit slipping through the hands is minimized.

* Display – The Motorola APX 6000 features a display on the top of the radio. It’s very easy to have a quick glance at the screen and acquire the necessary information.

* Smart Lighting – This portable radio features 3 simple color codes for critical radio events such as private pages, calls, out of range, low battery and emergency.

* Voice Announcement – The Motorola APX 6000 is able to provide the user with audible confirmation for various functions like control lock, encryption, emergency, direct mode and scan.

Built For Toughness

In most cases, portable radios are used in some of the toughest working environment. Hence, you will need something that is rugged enough to withstand the rigors of the work environment. With Motorola APX 6000’s build, it’s one of the toughest portable radios in the planet. Here are a few tough features of the Motorola APX 6000.

* Tough Endoskeleton – It’s not only the exterior shell of the Motorola APX 6000 that’s tough. On the inside, there’s another layer of aluminum alloy endoskeleton. This protects the internal parts of the radio from moisture or water instruction.

* IP68 Rating – This radio is tested and officially rated to be resistant up to two meters of water.

* Tempered Glass – The display of the Motorola APX 6000 is protected by a tempered glass. It’s tough enough to resist most impacts and scratches.

* Dual Latch Battery – The design of the Motorola APX 6000’s ensures that the battery is latched securely to the body. This avoids the battery from ejecting off, powering down and resetting in instances of drops.

Security Features

If the work environment requires the need for secure communications, then Motorola APX 6000 can handle itself pretty nicely. Below are a few of the many security features of Motorola APX 6000.

* Multi-encryption Algorithms – The Motorola APX 6000 features hardware encryption algorithm like ADP, DES and AES with 128 keys. This allows the user or users to secure sensitive information for possible eavesdroppers and scanners.

* OTAR – This stands for over-the-air re-key. It’s another feature to ensure the security of communication and it’ allows the changing of encryptions keys to be executed over the air. It’s a great feature for increasing efficiency.

* P25 Radio Authentication – Motorola APX 6000 comes with an authentication system and this ensures that only the authorized personnel are able to use the system.

Adaptive Audio Engine

The primary purpose of a portable radio is to send and receive audio messages. This is the reason why Motorola spent a great deal of effort to make messages clearer for the user of Motorola APX 6000. Here are a few key points of the Motorola APX 6000’s Adaptive Audio Engine

* Dual Sided Operation – The Motorola APX 6000 uses beam forming technology in its system. With this feature, you will be able to talk to either side of the radio, and the receiver will be able to receive your audio messages clearly.

* Noise Suppression – This portable radio has a built in an audio algorithm engine with the sole purpose of canceling out noises in the environment. Again, this is to ensure high audio quality.

* Speaker Equalization – The Motorola APX 6000 has a great way of equalizing the audio output. If you choose the lower volumes, the speakers can auto-adjust to place a higher priority on talker authenticity. If you choose the higher volumes, the Motorola APX 6000 optimizes the audio to prioritize speech intelligibility.

* Gain Control – Motorola APX 6000 features an adaptive gain control system. Like most audio system, the more gain you have, the louder the audio gets. This is not always a good thing as distortions are also amplified. With Motorola APX 6000 adaptive gain control engine, the system will automatically set the right amount of gain to minimize the distortion.

* Windporting – This portable radio also comes with an Adaptive windporting. Without the windporting features, the wind may cause an unwelcome sound in the audio quality. With the Adaptive windporting of Motorola APX 6000, the system automatically cancels out the wind noise.

* IMPRES Smart Energy System offer the radio user to receive the maximum life from the battery by removing the surprise of “low battery alerts.” IMPRES chargers have the ability to inform you specifically how much power is within an IMPRES battery before you connect it to a radio and precisely when an IMPRES battery has come to the end of its support life.

Motorola World

Another advantage of using Motorola APX 6000 is that you will be able to tap into the Motorola’s world of high-quality and latest accessories. From chargers, to add-on batteries, there’s a world of Motorola APX 6000 radio accessories you can add to increase the functionality of this portable radio.

There’s nothing much to say about the Motorola APX 6000. After all, it’s one of the highly used portable radio systems in the world. It’s been used from ambulance units to military personnel. It’s already been tested in the field and through time.

The APX 6000 Radio comes offers a variety of different accessories to take your radio to the next level such as the PMLN6129 2 Wire Surveillance Kit.  This kit connects directly to the radio and has a push to talk that allows you to wear a discrete earpiece.