Battery Clearance LLC is a woman owned business. Having experienced how traumatic hurricanes can be, I decided to do what ever it took to get involved in helping those who need the most after disasters happens.  When Hurricane Charley rolled through Orlando Florida in 2004 I saw first hand what kind of devastation people were faced with.  Fortunately in central Florida the damage was mostly limited to uprooted trees, missing roofing shingles, power outages and blown over signs.  FEMA setup immediate within a few miles of where I lived and showed up to volunteer.  I know that FEMA has gotten a bad reputation over the years but I have to say that from my experience with them, they were professional, hard working and extremely focused on doing what ever it took to seek out those in need.  There was never any joking around or horseplay from anyone associated with the help and cleanup of places like Punta Gorda.  FEMA was looking out for the people and I saw that there was a segment of the recovery that I felt needed to be made as important as anyone in the effort.  That was First Responders.